5 Prepping Tips For Your Personal Branding Session

01. Be true to who you are.

You are your brand, you should stay true to who you are in your branding session. Do not try to convey an image that is not you and does not represent your brand well.

02. Finding the right photographer for you.

THIS! Finding a photography style as well as a photographer personality that will vibe will with your personality and pull your personality out is just as important as finding a photographer that's edit style and offers what products fit your budget and time.

03. Keep it classic and simple | What to wear tips.

You can either wear your colors boldly (for example a tasteful suit so you are one color head to toe) or incorporate them more subtly in your wardrobe (perhaps a scarf or pair of shoes in your brand colors paired with a neutral wardrobe) – it's up to you!

04. Your inner beauty shines through

Ladies, I highly recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done. Leaving your look to a professional insures YOUR beauty will shine through and will be a more tailored look.

05. Final tips to make your sessions a HUGE Success.

HAVE FUN! Probably most important. Of course you will be nervous but if you and your photographer have prepped well and are organized with all you need, look, props, HMUA and location, well now it is time to let is all out and shine.

On location in your space add $150.00 travel fee for sessions outside of Stillwater MN.

In my Space, or in Stillwater MN $350.00 for ALL of 2021-2022.

What does this include? Click on the inquire link below to schedule a phone consultation, let Purpera Style provide you a series of gorgeous images that represent you, your vision and rock your brand.

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